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About us

Passion is the drive that ignites NewYou Marketing Corporation since year 2008 to innovate and integrate solutions for your company's advancement. We are distributors and integrator of our tried and tested, quality and affordable technologies such as but not limited to: biometrics for time attendance, biometric door access and barriers, zero client server, quickbooks software, LED lightings for more than 10 years in our own food company. It is our dedication to help improve, innovate your current system. 

Why? We have more than 20 years experience as traditional, unsystematic, 'small business' mentality that made us lose money everyday. We then realised that TIME is equal to MONEY. If it takes a lot of time and effort to do a job; you will hire lots of people to do a task; and when you have more people, you need more supervisors. You will need more capital to supplement the payroll. You need more system, more papers to check if they're being effective on the job; and most of all you need to be always aware of what you say to prevent lawsuits. So you see why we need to innovate, because we learn from mistakes that costed us a lot of TIME and money. 

Time is Money. We can purchase many things in life, but we cannot buy more time. By making your employee, which is the most valuable asset in the company see the value of time; you can maximise the company's potential and effectiveness. 

You can check our System Solutions and Blogs for testimonials and innovation that we did for our clients.

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